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Simple-----You Need to Hire Us, Because Our Process is Superior, Ultra Safe and Effective!!!!

The fact of the matter is that there are no national standards for mold clean up.

This means that there are as many harebrained schemes out there as there are bad Mold Remediators!

In the mold industry, there are a hodge-podge of varying practices which are used by contractors, hygienists and inspectors. There are over a dozen national mold certification bodies and many different protocol recommendations that vary from organization to organization. When you combine this with the various different companies and manufacturers promoting various products and claims the choices can become extremely confusing. Most mold professionals are willing to promise you extraordinary results and claim to be “good at what they do”. In most cases, the owners of the company actually were trained to do something else, like carpets or duct cleaning. The average certification is only a two day class in order to get the mold certification. It is impossible for just about any one to learn the amount of information that is necessary in order to be able to function as an excellent abatement contractor, in just two days!

It takes a clean up technician an average of six months just to learn how to perform as an effective part of a crew and to be knowledgeable enough to function as other crew members do. There are so many facets that are necessary to be used in conjunction in order to complete an abatement project successfully, it is flat out impossible to teach in a classroom setting. The only way to become good at installing negative pressure containments and efficient remediation is on the job training, like I received on the job in the tightly regulated asbestos industry.

Sadly most of the mold contractors nationwide are small poorly trained start ups. I have seen many come and just as many go. What’s worse is most of them use poisonous chemicals that are ineffective harmful and hazardous to your health!

We have pioneered innovative safe multi-step techniques which are absolutely guaranteed to eliminate mold without leaving behind the hazardous residues that most companies poisonous products do!

Not only that, unfortunately, we have made a specialty career out of re-treating projects that have already been treated by other contractors and failed! Last year alone we consulted on over 50 failed jobs. We have been hired by many large banks and are the preferred Fannie Mae contractor for Ohio.

When working for the banks we are usually bidding the work based on property records and digital photos alone supplied by the Realtor. In many cases we have never ever physically visited the property prior to beginning the work!

This recently happened with one of our customers named Sue R. Sue has a rental property in Pennsylvania and lives outside the Washington DC area in Maryland. She hired a local PA mold guy to treat the problem. He gave her a bid for thousands of dollars. She hired him and then had a Hygienist take mold samples, after the work was “complete”. Guess what?

The house was still filled with invisible mold spores. The airborne counts were off the charts!!!

Her “local contractor” then took the money and RAN!

Sue called me and discussed her situation. She told me before talking to me she had been literally hours away from hiring another local waterproofing company to correct her problems.

Sue sent me some digital photos, which I reviewed. She then asked me to help her sort through all of the lies and bids that she had received from other contractors.

Sue is very bright, in fact she is a nurse practitioner, and an Author. Sue thanked me for all of my help, and we created a solution which addressed all of the problem areas and we even replaced some ceilings for her.

She hired me to correct the issues and I even helped her by waterproofing her basement.

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She hired me to correct the issues and I even helped her by waterproofing her basement.

Best of all, even though I had never seen the project prior to actually starting the job…

Even though I traveled hundreds of miles, to get there…

I still managed to help Sue save thousands of dollars over her local contractors bids and I performed a superior service for her that was simply not available to be purchased from local contractors at any price!

Sue now has the peace of mind and confidence to rest assured the her basement is permanently dry and her mold problem in the basement and attic is completely cured and shall remain mold free!

Here's some of our other Out Of State video testimonials:

Lakeland Florida

To See Lots More Of Our Testimonials Click: Our Video Testimonial Section

To See Lots More Of Our Testimonials Click: Our Video Testimonial Section

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Most Companies use toxic chemicals and they can make you sick?.

We Revolutionized and Implement Effective, NON-TOXIC Processes To Eliminate Mold Safely For Your Family!


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