Job Photos

Negative Air Partial Room Containment and Negative Air Filtration System

(Partial room containments occur when there is no easy way to seal off an area, usually because people living in the home need readily access to unaffected areas of the room)

Air Testing and Wall Cavity Air Testing

Bathroom Ventilation Vents Improperly Vented

(Horizontally Out The Attic And Into The Attic)

Bathroom Ventilation Properly Vented

(Straight Up And Out The Attic)

Raking Open Blocked Soffet Vents

(Open Enough To See Light Through Them During The Day)

Attic Mold

(Before, During and After)

Basement Mold

(Proper Attire, Ripping Out And Bagging Contaminated Materials)


Most Companies use toxic chemicals and they can make you sick?.

We Revolutionized and Implement Effective, NON-TOXIC Processes To Eliminate Mold Safely For Your Family!


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