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"Is Mold Making You Sick?"
Amazing New Non Toxic Multi-Step FAMILY SAFE MOLD ELIMINATION Process SAFELY and Effectively Treats ALL MOLD Backed By Our 2 Powerful“IRON CLAD” GUARANTEES!

THIS Is What The Other Companies Don’t Want YOU to Know!

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Hi, my name is Charlie and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I relish the opportunity to talk plainly with concerned individuals about dangerous environmental conditions in their own homes. I promise you now, by the time you finish this brief letter you will not only have a better understanding of your own general health risks; but also, for those of your family and friends as well. Permit me for a moment to ask you a few questions.

  1. Do you ever find yourself feeling more RUNDOWN after you get home than you did before you left work?
  2. Do you notice more HEADACHES or feelings of nausea in your own home?
  3. Do you see your spouse, or your children showing more frequent signs of cold and flu-like symptoms: COUGHING, SORE THROAT, SNEEZING, WHEEZING?
  4. Is there an area in your house that makes your eyes or throat feel SCRATCHY?
  5. Do you notice a funny MUSTY ODOR that you don’t recall being there before, even though you know you have a clean house?
  6. Is there a MOISTURE PROBLEM in your house?

Well, those can be frightening questions if you don’t exactly have the “right” answers. But, in a situation where you may not be armed with the best information, (if any at all) who can you really trust? Now you may be asking yourself what could cause all of these problems in my house, one word, MOLD. But wait, you might be saying to yourself, how could it be a mold issue if I keep my house clean? To answer that question it is important to know how and why mold grows.

Molds produce tiny spores to reproduce. Mold spores waft through the indoor and outdoor air continually. When mold spores land on a damp spot indoors, they may begin growing and digesting whatever they are growing on in order to survive. There are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, and foods. When excessive moisture or water accumulates indoors, mold growth will often occur, particularly if the moisture problem remains undiscovered or un-addressed. There is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment; the way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture.

This information was provided courtesy of the EPA in the pamphlet: " A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home" [EPA 402-K-02-003]

There are many different Mold Companies, offering a variety of techniques who throw fancy terms and product names at you in the hope that by giving you all of these “buzz-words” and industry terms they’ll confuse you enough to get you to believe anything that they might say. Many they will try to convince you that they have the strongest chemicals on the planet and a foolproof system that is “guaranteed” to work or they’ll promise just about any thing you want to hear sometimes minimizing the problem just in order to make the sale! Most will not stress the most important underlying issue is removing the source of the water. What they don’t tell you, is the chemicals that they use are almost completely ineffective, in many cases they even contain known poisons some of which can cause CANCER in laboratory animals! In many cases they and their wonderful “systems” (poisons) usually make the problem worse than before they started! All the while they spend most of their time taking your money while often missing the “HIDDEN MOLD” leaving your families health at risk and charging you for the privilege of taking your money and making your life more miserable!

The North Eastern Ohio Climate is especially ripe for mold growth. More than 70% of the houses tested were found to be contaminated with toxic mold growth. This mold is dangerous. And there is a good chance (if you have it in your home) it could make you and your family sicker than you can imagine… In fact Dr. Chin Yang of Cherry Hill Labs,( the worlds foremost mold scientist) once told me “given sufficient square footage in a confined space (your home) even a NON TOXIC mold will break down your bodies defenses and you will develop an allergic reaction” (it’s only a matter of time).

The mold in your home can even be fatal! It causes many people to die…and often … even their doctors don’t know what went WRONG to make these people sick.

Here are what the experts call the Big Three:


A mold that is often an opportunistic pathogen(in plain English “a disease causing mold that can attack especially when your immune resistance is lowered cause you’re sick with something else) kind of mold which is often the cause behind Asthma, nerve damage, liver disease, lung disease, heart disease, and severe eye damage. This toxin is so deadly, it is a favorite biological weapon of third world countries where they can make it by the barrel-full.

The bad news is, many North Eastern Ohio homes are full of this mold and it is commonly found throughout the wall cavities and heating and cooling systems of the home.


“The Black Mold” This is another deadly toxin causing mold and also manufactured by third-world countries. It can be lethal to animals and children. It is often referred to as the “baby killer” and is believed by many to be responsible for killing seven infants right here in Cleveland, Ohio.

It is found on wet cellulose containing materials like drywall. It is normally found in houses after water damage and prefers to grow in dark places like wall cavities. You should be especially concerned if anyone in your home is experiencing difficulty breathing, dizziness, memory loss, hearing loss, gastrointestinal tract infections, depression, headaches, tremors, skin rashes, Chronic Fatigue or flu-like symptoms.

It also damages vital organs. Farmers have reported unknowingly feeding their cattle hay contaminated with this toxin and witnessing the cows hemorrhaging from their eyes… just before… they dropped dead like flies.


Another disease causing mold responsible for a host of infections including CANCER. Listen: there are dozens more toxic molds (all found within Northeastern Ohio) which mirror these horrible effects. The EPA notes that mold can cause health risks if left untreated.


A good indicator that your home could be sick and potentially dangerous to your health is if your house has suffered past or recent water damage. Wet Basements (or even damp basements not yet trickling onto the floor) , Roof leaks , Plumbing leaks, window and door leaks can all be sources of moisture which can cause the mold to grow! But that’s not all, mold can even lurk in the hidden areas growing behind the walls due to mold creating condensation in places that are rarely discovered ….before its too late. Not only that your furnace or air conditioning system can be contaminated too! That often means that every time you turn on your furnace or your air conditioner, you could potentially be spreading harmful mold spores throughout the house for you and your loved ones TO BREATHE!


I’m not just A Mold Contractor….. I’m a Mold Victim Too!


This is a Photograph of the left side of my left Calf in October of this year. This photo was taken after a week of treatment and believe it or not actually looks very good compared to before treatment.

It was early October, 2006 and I noticed what appeared to be a small pimple on the side of my leg. Within 4 days both of my calves were swollen like sausages. On the left leg I developed a 6”x 6” raging oozing lesion and under the skin on the right leg I developed what appeared to be a large “cherry tomato”.

–Gross and Disgusting!

To say the least. All of this was accompanied by a 103ْ

Degree fever! Additionally, as if that weren’t enough, two of our crew leaders have had mold growing in their bodies as well! I even know of a competitor who developed a mold rash ALL OVER HIS BODY!

If mold can make the remediator sick, imagine what it can do to you….

After all. WE PRO’S wear respirators and suits to protect ourselves—

just imagine… what could happen to you… living and breathing contaminated air


When I got into the business I thought it would be a nice compliment to my basement business but I never ever was prepared to discover just how many of my customers would be sick, really sick.

I’ve had customers with ALL MANNER of health issues ranging from asthma, to skin problems to CANCER and more!

- What would you say if I told you there was a private contractor offering Safe Mold Solutions TM; who could not only take care of any existing mold problems, but would guarantee that those problems did not return! Not only that, but they could make sure that no future problems would arise by following stricter company protocols and guidelines than either the EPA or OSHA currently have in place.

Now you may be saying to yourself: How can we TRUST you? , and Why should we believe anything you say?

“I highly recommend Mold Solutions remediation to anyone who requires their service. They were very professional, polite, and courteous. They knew what they were doing, and left the basement in great shape.”- S. Lynn McGuire, OH

“I knew that they would get the job done right, and have been a pleasure to work with. They are to be commended for their good work.”- Robert and Claudine Kirschner, South Euclid, OH

“I would recommend Mold Solutions to anybody with a basement or mold issue. Our basement is bone-dry, and the mold is gone. The work was completed neatly and efficiently; we couldn’t be happier with our results. Now, two of our neighbors have gone with Charlie, and they’re pleased as well!”- Donna Hathaway, Carlisle Township, OH

I have the answer for you.

We not only can take care of all your mold problems at home, but can also take care of them at work, at school, or even at your church. We even waterproofed CITY HALL (Warrensville Heights). We have done work for housing associations, with other professional contractors, and work in cooperation with hundreds of realtors and insurance companies. We are the ONLY company in the area to provide a Complete Service Package including:

Mold Testing
Bulk Sampling
Tape Lifts
Air Testing
Protocol Planning
IH Services
Mold Remediation,
Remodeling and Repair Service
Basement Waterproofing
Inside Systems
Exterior Waterproofing Systems
Structural/Foundation Repair
Wall Rebuilds
Wall Straightening
We complete EVERYTHING from start to finish and at every step in between! We know how to get the job done right the first time, every time!
“ Charles of Mold Solutions TM impressed us right away with his professionalism, knowledge and quick response. We called him on a Saturday afternoon, and his inspector was at our house in two hours. The crew was courteous and professional. The attic looks great! We are happy to be mold free. Mold Solutions TM finished the work before some of their competitors returned our call. They stand behind their work by offering a seven-year warranty. We would definitely recommend Mold Solutions TM to anyone who had a problem!” Megan Trefonis, Cleveland, OH

After hearing all of this; if you’re still not convinced, please allow me give you some more information. We use a system that I have spent the last 6 years perfecting by combining the BEST ideas available and designing the Multi-Step Family Safe System™ which includes an All-Natural cleaning formula that is completely SAFE for your family, pets, guests and home. It Includes a Stain Removal Process so the visible signs of mold DISSAPEAR! Next we impregnate the ALL of the porous substrates with an Environmentally SAFE Mold Inhibitor that absolutely Guarantees NO MOLD will EVER grow again! Lastly, I discovered an amazing fact. I discovered that the military has EXTENSIVELY studied how to decontaminate buildings (like houses), and they concluded that if ANY mold remediators ONLY follow the National Guidelines the house will stay CONTAMINATED!

Imagine spending hundreds even thousands of dollars with a “professional mold company only to have the house REMAIN CONTAMINATED.

So we also follow the much stricter military guidelines developed at LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY (that’s where they built the atomic bomb)!

I discovered to my surprise about 6 years ago that the chemicals that were being used by my so-called competitors (and indeed by most of the industry) not only DIDN’T WORK on porous surfaces… which is about EVERY surface that mold would grow on in a house. I also figured out that most of these chemicals contain NO ingredients that KILL the spores (the most important but hardest things to kill) and also …that they leave behind RESIDUAL TOXIC CHEMICAL POISONS that in some case are WORSE than the poisons the MOLD makes!

Yikes! I found this out the hard way, cause in the beginning, believe it or not, I used the same old chemicals that everyone else in the industry STILL USES!

And you know how I found out? I had three “special Ladies” that got sick from the chemicals I used in their homes. I call these ladies “special” because due to living with extremely TOXIC mold, they developed a RARE condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. Ever heard of it ? I hadn’t. I can honestly say that I thought they were trying to get money back for a job WELL DONE. But…

Since I had three of them in a row, I decided to try and see if there might be anything to their claim of sickness. I discovered that their noses worked actually much BETTER than a “regular” persons nose (someone without multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder).

HMMM! I began to theorize that maybe I was POISONING ALL OF MY CUSTOMERS, but our “regular noses” just couldn’t smell it.

I quickly began to research. Just what was in those chemicals? After all, they were EPA approved and biodegradable. What I discovered truly SHOCKED THEN HORRIFIED ME…

The EPA routinely approves products that contain known carcinogens (those are CANCER CAUSING chemicals) … I was AGHAST!

I quickly realized that I need to do some research and change the chemicals that I used –FAST! So I got together with some of the countries top scientists. I met many very, very smart people who had already devoted their ENTIRE LIVES to the cause. I read TONS of material about mold and the different ways to KILL MOLD. I took ALL of the good ideas that I learned from all these sources and EXPERTS and...

Then I FUSED them all together into a system that is absolutely LETHAL to mold but remains SAFE for your entire family! In fact it leaves behind NO known residual poisons that can make people sick. It cost me a FORTUNE to do.

But I did it for you and your family.

We not only treat the existing mold problem, but help to identify and eliminate any future problems as well. We get all of this done in a timely fashion, with all the mess cleaned up before we leave. If all of that were not enough, we also provide The 2 STRONGEST guarantees in the industry:

Guarantee #1:

Iron Clad 7 Year “No Hidden Clause” Service Warranty: We warrant that NO MOLD will grow on ANY areas treated with Borate inhibitor for SEVEN FULL YEARS. Warranty is subject to the correction of the existing water problem.

We’re so confident in our process that if mold grows back on borate-treated areas we’ll buy you a $1000 US Saving Bond and retreat area at NO CHARGE. Warranty is FULLY TRANSFERABLE. Void if additional UN-RELATED water damage occurs.

Guarantee #2:

Best Price Guarantee: No competitors possess our techniques, or our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality. If price is the ONLY important factor to you, we guarantee to BEAT any other contractor’s price by 15%, if it is itemized and will be duplicated exactly. WE reserve the right to refrain if service level is inadequate for problem resolution.

Once again, I would like to present to you with the words of some of our clients, these are just a couple of the professional realtors who have found our company to be the BEST at what we do.

“Our entire office relies on Mold Solutions every time we have a mold issue I trusted them so much I had them treat my own crawlspace.” – Judith Haubiel Century 21 Joe Walker Columbus, Ohio

“We are a large Fanny Mae / R.E.O. brokerage. When we have a mold house we call Mold Solutions. Over the years they have immediately responded every time we have asked and if the work is ordered, they can complete even extremely large projects quickly and safely. We trust them so much Matt had them waterproof his own basement.” --Matt and Kelli Beckett Realty Executive Decisions, Columbus, Ohio

We would like to thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please use one of the following methods to contact us: By email: or by phone:440-322-6617 or 1-800-948-4947.

We look forward to hearing from you and EARNING your business. Once again I would like to say THANK YOU.

Remember, If you are still considering hiring ANY OTHER CONTRACTOR to solve your mold problem you run the risk of harming yourself pets and family. Again thanks for your consideration

Charles Boday,
Author, Structural Repair Analyst and
Foundation Repair Expert

P.S. If you are one of the first 50 people to contact us regarding this card you can qualify for a free mold test, and may also receive our special free gift!

P.P.S. We would once again like to thank you for your interest in our services. We would also like to remind you of our 2 ROCK SOLID GUARANTEES:

Guarantee #1: Iron Clad 7 Year “No Hidden Clause” Service Warranty
Guarantee #2: Best Price Guarantee
Toxic Chemical


Most Companies use toxic chemicals and they can make you sick?.

We Revolutionized and Implement Effective, NON-TOXIC Processes To Eliminate Mold Safely For Your Family!


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