Got Crawlspace Mold?


So You've Got Mold In Your Crawlspace? Now What?

I Developed Simple Strategies For Understanding Mold Removal, and Correcting Crawlspace Problems, That Are Time tested and Proven Safe For Your Family, Says National Home Environmental Expert, Inventor, Author, Charles Boday!!!

If you suspect you might have a crawlspace mold problem, you must read on to discover the best and safest way to eradicate it permanently, for the health of your home and family.


If you have suffered a recent crawlspace water event, you probably know that time is of the essence. if action is not taken quickly, mold is like to result.

Did you Know that 1 spore can turn into 12,000,000 (twelve million) in twelve hours????

Crawlspace Mold is generally due to 3 basic causes:

  1. Plumbing Leaks.
  2. Flooding or sewer back up/ Lack of waterproofing and drain tiles.
  3. Failure to incorporate a crawlspace Membrane System.
We will briefly discuss the appropriate remedy... as well as covering the basic abatement strategies used nationwide as well as those offered by average variety, "local Joe mold company" contractors in your neck of the woods and lastly why our system is safer for your family, more effective and even SUPERIOR to all of our "so-called competitors".

When it comes to your health crawl space mold can be particularly dangerous for your family.

Why you ask? Well for starters crawlspaces are typically not empty, they generally contain the various mechanical systems that supply the building with heating and cooling as well as water.

This means that both the plumbing lines run through as well as the air ducts. When mold senses that is being attacked or it senses it is being disturbed it usually releases its spores into the air into a cloud. This cloud of spores is released every time you walk across the floors above, stressing the floors and releasing mold.

These spores are then literally sucked into the ductwork via the venture effect. After getting sucked in they are then liberally spread throughout the home causing all manner of health effects and symptoms.

toxic chemicals


Most Companies use toxic chemicals and they can make you sick?.

We Revolutionized and Implement Effective, NON-TOXIC Processes To Eliminate Mold Safely For Your Family!


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